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Important Digital Photography Tips for Beginners

With the advent of digital photography, taking pictures is no longer limited to a select few. You don’t have to hire a photographer to take pictures of people and events because as long as you have a digital camera, you can do it yourself. The existence of digital cameras also makes it possible for people to just keep shooting pictures without thinking of the additional cost of film. Back in the days when film cameras were the only option, people had to think twice before shooting something and this is why photography wasn’t as accessible as it is today. Since basically anyone can purchase a camera and start taking pictures with it, knowing a few important photography tips for beginners can be quite useful. Handling your first digital camera can be quite overwhelming at first, but not when you have the right digital camera guide to help you.

Choosing the Right Camera

The first thing you have to know about photography is that you have to come armed with the right camera. Even if there are countless cameras available, choosing the right one to start with is very important. This means that you don’t have to be pressured into buying the big bulky equipment right away. You can start with a good point and shoot that allows you to master the basics of photography as well as the features and settings. There are a lot of digital cameras these days that allow you to play with manual features even on a compact camera. This means that you can learn the basics of aperture, white balance and ISO settings even without a DSLR.

When you’re ready to move on to the more complicated equipment, then by all means, go ahead. You just have to remember that if you want to keep upgrading your equipment (and you very likely will), then you have to be willing to invest in additional cost.

Photography is an Art: The Importance of Composition

Even as you’re armed with the right camera, you have to remember that the camera is also just as good as the person holding it. Your camera may have all the right features, but if you don’t have the eye for the right pictures then your photos will still come out as substandard. This means that you have to learn the basics of composition. Macro settings come into play here, especially if you want to focus on one subject and just blur the background altogether. Knowing which subjects to focus on and seeing the beauty in everything – even the mundane – is one of the most important Digital camera tips you can ever come across with.

Know Your Camera

Of course your camera is still your best tool if you want to take good pictures, and this is why you need to know how it works. In compact digital cameras you can check the pre-defined settings and experiment with these settings. What makes the Fireworks mode different from the Beach mode? Is the Twilight mode really better for night shots? These are some questions that can only be answered by actually trying the features out. Your digital camera is a gold mine of features, and you’ll be surprised about what it’s capable of once you start discovering it. Moving on to the more technical and manual features, you also eventually have to master how to get the right exposure, especially if your camera is a DSLR or a professional one. You have to master how to play with the aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings to ensure that the right amount of light is captured in your pictures.

Practice Makes Perfect

Lastly, photography is a skill. Just like all other skills, it can be learned, practiced and developed. Nobody is born being an expert photographer, and even the best photographers take years and years to develop into who they are today. This means that you should just absorb all the camera tips and photography techniques you can get. Be open to learn from others, and be open to experiment with your style. The only surefire way to get better at taking pictures is to keep taking them. IF you keep taking photo after photo, eventually you’ll get the hang of it and before you know it, you’ll be shooting like a pro.

Canon PowerShot SX130IS Digital Camera Review

In the world of digital cameras, Canon has always been known as one of the brands that really provide photographers with some of the best tools in taking exceptional photos. With its full range of cameras available, Canon gives users a lot of options when it comes to which camera to go with. When I was looking for the camera that I would eventually purchase, reading reviews really helped. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming to look at a full menu of choices without the help of people who have tried out the camera before. Reading several reviews led me to the Canon PowerShot SX130IS Digital Camera, and I’m just so lucky because the internet provides everything in detail.

Canon Powershot SX130IS Features

The compact digital camera reviews I was able to come across with really gave details with regards to the features that I was looking for. The Powershot SX130IS comes with the following great features that really helped convince me to buy it:

• High resolution – The camera comes with a resolution of 12.1 megapixels, which is perfect for those who want high-resolution shots. For newbies, here’s some useful bit on pixels and megapixels.
• 12x Zoom – The lens is just as powerful with its capability of zooming in on the subject by as much as 12x.
• 28 Predefined Shooting Situations – Like most Canon digital cameras, this comes with a smart auto mode which makes it a lot easier for users. The mode chooses from 28 predefined shooting situations (includes 22 shooting modes and 12 special scene modes). This includes the Fisheye mode and other modes like Fireworks and the Poster Effect for maximum creativity.

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Canon Powershot SX130IS Advantages

Even with all of these great features, I also needed to know the advantages of choosing the Powershot SX130IS over others. Some of the Canon SX130is reviews I read gave me this information, and this is why I really went for this model. Here are some of the most important advantages.

• Flexible White Balance Settings – White balance is something that a lot of photographers really look into because it affects the color and quality of the photos. With this camera, there are several white balance settings to choose from and this really proves to be advantageous for many. Among the settings are Fluorescent, Cloudy, Flash, Daylight, Tungsten and of course Auto. White balance can also be customized as the photographer pleases.
• Large 3 inch LCD – The high resolution plus the zoom is already a powerful combination, but to add to that is the large LCD, which is larger than most compact cameras. This allows users to really see a clear and crisp version of the photographs that are being taken, whether during the actual shooting or during playback.

Canon Powershot SX130IS Disadvantages

The best digital camera reviews will mention not only the advantages but the disadvantages as well. The reason why there are different brands and models of cameras is that you can’t find everything in one camera and you’ll have to choose based on your priorities and preferences. One disadvantage of the canon sx130 is that it comes with AA batteries. I personally prefer a rechargeable battery pack to AA batteries because I find using AA batteries wasteful, but the issue on batteries is actually a personal preference, because I know of some users that actually prefer the AA batteries because it gives them maximum flexibility. This means that they can just bring a couple of spares and not worry about running out of power ever.

What Other Users Say About the Canon Powershot SX130IS

Reading Canon SX130is reviews not only helped me weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the camera, but it also helped me gain an insight on what other users say about it. A Canon PowerShot SX130is review that I read in Amazon said that for a compact camera, it has a lot of great features that one can usually only expect in a DSLR. This includes fast continuous shooting and excellent low light performance.

Read more customer reviews about the Canon Powershot SX130IS here.

Overall, this camera is really one of the best I have ever come across with, and thanks to the reviews that I read, I’m now using it and I’m very happy with my decision.

Canon Powershot G12 Digital Camera Review

Finding the perfect camera is something that requires a lot of patience and research. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur one, your camera will eventually be an extension of yourself, and this is why the choosing the right kind of camera is very important. When I wanted to purchase my first personal camera, I really looked over a couple of choices and weighed the pros and cons of each choice. Eventually, I ended up with the Canon Powershot G12 Digital Camera, but before arriving at that decision I had to go through a couple of reviews just to find out which camera is the best one for me. Reviews have always been helpful to consumers when it comes to buying all kinds of items, especially if they’re not yet familiar with the item. Digital Cameras are no exception.


Canon Powershot G12 Features

Even if I had to go through many compact digital camera reviews, it was relatively easy for me to make the decision because I already had the features I wanted in mind. The Powershot G12 happened to meet all of these features, and this is largely why I bought it. Here are some of the most important features that I was looking for:

  • Smart Auto Setting – For amateur photographers like me, I wanted a camera that could figure out the settings for me automatically. The Smart Auto feature allows the camera to analyze the subject in front of it and adjust the settings accordingly.
  • 5x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom – Zoom features are very important in any camera, and what I love about this camera is it not only zooms the image by as much as 5x, but there’s a stabilizing feature that minimizes the occurrence of blurry shots.
  • Numerous Scene Modes – The auto feature is certainly helpful, but even if I didn’t have the auto feature I wanted a camera wherein I could experiment various scene modes and one Canon powershot G12 review that I read mentioned that this camera comes with so many. Among my favorite scene modes are Super Vivid, Color Accent, Fireworks, Kids & Pets, Fish-eye Effect, Nostalgic, Sports, Foliage, Poster Effect and Stitch Assist.

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Canon Powershot G12 Advantages

According to another Canon Powershot G12 digital Camera review from CNET, the camera comes bundled with a lot of advantages. Among the ones that really convinced me are the following:

  • Flexible shooting – The camera’s G12’s 7.0cm (2.8”) high-resolution Vari-Angle PureColor II VA LCD screen allows users to shoot at virtually any angle, and this is something that’s usually a problem for other cameras.
  • Premium Image Quality – Canon cameras have always been known for high-quality images that are just bursting with vividness and color, and the G12 takes it a step further with Canon’s HS System. This allows the camera to provide image quality that’s exceptional in all lighting conditions.


Canon Powershot G12 Disadvantages

In reading Canon Powershot G12 digital Camera reviews I wanted to get the full picture of the camera so I was also interested in what people had to say about some of the camera’s disadvantages. One disadvantage that I came across with is the fact that I couldn’t zoom while recording a video. Other than that, the video function is actually quite flexible because of the stereo mic, mic jack and articulated LCD. The quality of the video is pretty good and I can personally say that it’s even comparable to a mini camcorder. The lack of the zoom function during videos is a very minor issue that’s easy to overlook.


What Other Users Say About the Canon Powershot G12

Just with the features and advantages, I was already convinced to really buy this camera, but other people really had stellar things to say about the G12 as well. One Canon G12 review I read mentioned that the camera was the perfect hybrid between a compact digital camera and a DSLR, which gives users maximum flexibility. It also gives users the perfect tool to shift from being an amateur photographer to a professional one.

Read more reviews on the Canon Powershot G12 here.

All in all, I have no regrets buying the Powershot G12 and I really believe that reading the reviews helped me make my decision. Finding the perfect camera might require a lot of patience and research, but thanks to all the reviews I’ve read, it looks like I found the perfect one.


Digital Camera Reviews: Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12.1MP Digital Camera

When it comes to digital camera reviews, no other brand name resounds with more professionalism and quality than Canon. This brand has always stood for high quality cameras that everyone can use – from amateur photographers who just want to take pictures for leisure to the professional photographers who really make money out of this hobby. People have always relied on Canon for their digital camera needs, and this is only understandable with the wide range of products that they have available. The Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12.1MP Digital Camera for instance is one of the world’s thinnest digital cameras so it really comes with the advantage of portability. As a camera user, you can bring the camera with you everywhere you go and get high quality photos as a bonus.

This Canon PowerShot camera comes with the following great features that have made it popular to a lot of people:

• The camera comes with a 12.1 MP CMOS and DIGIC 4 Image Processor. This is ideal for high-resolution shots and for shooting in low-light conditions without having to use a flash.

• The resolution also extends to the 1080p HD Video, which comes with a stereo sound. This means that you can easily take exceptional quality videos and you can access these videos with the dedicated movie button.

• Movies can be recorded at high speeds and replayed in slow motion. This is due to the Super Slow Motion Movie feature that allows slow motion playback.

• The 24mm ultra wide-angle lens allows you to take wide-angle shots

• The 5x optical zoom allows you to take shots from far away, and it also comes with an optical image stabilizer that minimizes the occurrence of blurry pictures

• The optical zoom also extends to the video function, so while taking a video you can zoom in and out. The Dynamic IS keeps the video footage stabilized even if you keep zooming.

• Point-and-shoot cameras have gone a long way, and this particular camera is capable of high-speed shooting with a high-speed burst mode that captures 8.0fps.

• ISO Settings enable you to adjust manually and even adjust the noise in higher levels.

• The camera comes with a total of predefined shooting situations, and the smart auto adjustment can automatically select the kind of setting that needs to be used.

Aside from these features, there are also Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12.1MP Digital Camera Advantages that really stand out:

• First, the ultra-thinness of the camera is really something that gives it an advantage over other models. The best Canon PowerShot reviews really mention that it’s hard to believe that a camera as thin and easy to bring as this one comes with all the right features.

• The versatility of this camera is also one of the things that are constantly mentioned in digital camera reviews 2012. Even with the thinness, the camera can take amazing pictures in virtually any shooting situation.

• You can say goodbye to dark photos with this camera, because it comes with an HS system that improves low-light shooting. Dark photos can really be a frustration, but with this new available technology it’s now being addressed.

Perhaps the only disadvantage that some reviews mention is that the optical zoom is only 5x, but for a point-and-shoot camera this is already very ideal, and the amazing features that the camera comes with makes up for it greatly.

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These features and advantages are already so great, but when you take a look at what others say about this camera, you’ll realize that it’s really a gem in itself. Canon Powershot reviews from for instance say that even for a DSLR photographer who’s used to all the amazing features that a DSLR comes with, this PowerShot is something that gives good quality pictures and even better quality videos. The issue with a DSLR is that compared to a point-and-shoot, it’s not as portable and you can’t just bring it with you anywhere without worrying about where to put it. Canon digital camera reviews really mention that for a camera so compact and so portable, the quality is exceptional.

When buying the Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12.1MP Digital Camera, I do recommend buying a few accessories along with it. The camera package already includes a battery pack, charger, wrist strap, as well as USB and AV cables. If you’re like me and you love shooting videos as well as time-lapse photos, I recommend buying a tripod. A good camera case that you can bring around will also help, and I even bought an extra battery just in case. You will also need an SD card with enough memory capacity. Depending on how many photos you like to take and whether or not you want to take a lot of videos, I recommend buying the 16GB SD card. This will allow you to shoot as many videos as you want.

All in all, this PowerShot model is really one to watch out for. It’s small enough and thin enough to fit in your pocket, but it comes with such great features that can satisfy the needs of photography enthusiasts. Compact cameras are really so easy to bring and you don’t have to worry about where to place them, so this is really a camera that I personally recommend. When you buy this camera, it’s also good to review the manual and really learn how to use the features. The features of this camera are really something to brag about, and as a camera user it would be best if you really learn how to use the features to take full advantage of them.

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Also, reading the manual will help you understand how to care for the camera properly and to really use the features available. Depending on your taste, you can buy it in black, grey or even red. If you want a steady point-and-shoot that can give you high quality photos, this is the camera for you.